A Sample of our Accomplishments

Office Furniture:

Mig Welding Fixtures
Resistance Welding Fixtures
Chair Testers
Panel Assembly Fixtures
Tog-L-Loc Machines

Automotive Glass:

Bonding Fixtures
Component Solder Equipment
Rollup Glass Clip Installation Machine
Robotic End of Arm Tooling
Humidity Chambers
Glass Priming Equipment
Elkamet Installation Fixtures
Glass types handled: Windshields, Backlights, Rollups, Sunroofs, Rear Sliders, and Quarter Windows
Pre-Molded and Post-Molded Equipment, including Mold Loading Robotic Equipment

Automotive Metal:

Resistance Weld Cells and Fixtures
Mig Weld Cells and Fixtures
Robotic Weld Equipment with Turntable Fixtures
Robotic Weld Equipment with Trunion Fixtures
Stud and Nut Welding Equipment
Clutch and Brake Assembly Equipment
Seat Wire Welders
A-Frame Welders
Robotic Mastic Apply

Automotive Special Machines:

Bushing Press Equipment
Staking Equipment
Riveting Equipment
Aluminum Casting Benders
Shifter Assembly Equipment
Door Handle Assembly Cells
Mold Load Equipment

Miscellaneous Special Machines:

Semi-Truck Fiberglass Bonding Equipment
Ice Cream Cup High Speed Material Handling
Cement Pipe Molds
Landscape Brick Handling Equipment

Contact Us:

  286 Ottawa Street, Coopersville, MI

Where We Are:

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